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CalGerman Cockroach - I have cockroach infested kitchen

kill cockroachGerman cockroach (Blattella germanica) is the most common pest to invade our homes. Very adaptable it can survive in almost  any environment, BUT! - it prefers our homes because of food, water and warmth. Most people are disgusted by just looking at the cockroaches and there is good reason for the way people feel. Although roaches are not known to carry diseases, they can spread bacteria and viruses, by walking over garbage, sewage or anyplace unsanitary. These disease causing bacteria may include, but not limited to: E.coli, Salmonella, Shingella, hookworms, tapeworms and other parasites. Cockroach infestation may cause severe allergies and asthma in some people, especially children. So how do you find out if you have a cockroach infestation? Better yet what are the signs of cockroach infestation? Cockroaches can find home in any residential or commercial kitchen, even a clean one, as long as there is sufficient moisture and warmth available. Cluttered kitchens pose a much greater risk for a cockroach infestation than many other contributing factors. Cockroaches love hiding places available through clutter. Cockroaches can be brought in with packaged foods and can hide or lay eggs inside boxes of supplies. Roaches can feast on cardboard material or even label glue to survive. Call us with your roach problem and learn how to eliminate roaches

Description of German Cockroach

Adult German cockroach is a bout a 1/2 inch long  and has two longitudinal stripes right behind its head which distinguishing them from other cockroach species. With high reproductive rates, cockroaches can quickly populate any area as long as sufficient moisture and food is available. They will inhabit cracks and crevices and stay out of sight during a day. It is a good indication of infestation, when roaches appear during a day. This means there is not enough free space for them to hide. Infestations usually peak in late summer, early fall period and than gradually recede but will never go away on it's own

Cockroach elimination and control

cockroach infestationOld methods of spraying insecticides are often ineffective and do not not produce desired results. First a main harborage area must be located and factors conducive to cockroach infestation should be eliminated. More effective treatments is to bait cockroaches, but unfortunately they can become resistant to insecticides. Cockroaches prefer to live in the warmest area they can find, so a refrigerator compressor is a good spot, also under the stove with some models still have a pilot light, inside televisions, radios and similar appliances which are conducive to cockroach infestation. Insulation of hot water pipes is another good place for cockroaches to hide. In the areas of heavy infestation you actually can smell the cockroaches since they produce pheromone which emits very distinct musty odor that cannot be mistaken for anything other than a roach infestation. In the winter if infested place is sufficiently cooled down it may have a temporary effect of reduced roach population. However this is very temporary measure and cockroaches will return once temperature goes back to normal. So how do you remove cockroaches from kitchen and other areas of the house? Sticky pads or traps are not effective in reducing cockroach infestation, but can be useful as a tracking tool. Majority over-the-counter remedies may work if there is no major cockroach infestation in the house.  Proper cockroach control usually consist of a combination techniques and is best if handled by a professional pest control applicator. They will be able identify infestation areas and apply restricted pest control products, not available to unlicensed applicator. Killing of roaches is best handled by professional pest control.

Cockroach biology    

German cockroaches carry their eggs in the case called ootheca. Female walks with the case until eggs are just about to hatch. It is visibly protruding through the rear end a.k.a genital chamber of the female cockroach. Ootheca normally contains somewhere between 30 to 40 eggs and has a size of 7mm long, 2 mm wide and 3 mm high.

Cockroach Nymph

As eggs hatch, nymphal stages begin and lasts until emergence of an adult cockroach. Nymphs usually very dark brown to almost black in color but already posses two distinctive dark bands right behind the head. To become adult nymph would have to molt a few times, it can vary but most reported is six molts. In proper setting (warmth, food, moisture) nymph will complete development in approximately 2 month. The cockroach complete life cycle is  approximately 100 days, but other factors such as temperature, different strains, nutrition can influence time required to complete life cycle. German cockroach diet will encompass wide array of organic matter like pet food, glue in book binding and obviously scraps from the table

Oriental Cockroach

Other Names
: Water bug, water beetle, shad roach, black beetle

Origin: Believed to have originated in Africa, but now found throughout the world.

Biology: Oriental roaches inhabit damp locations such as crawl spaces under structures or underground water and sewage systems. Their travel through such unsanitary habitats increases their potential as disease vectors. It may be common in outdoor environments and enter a structure on its own, by crawling under doors or through other exterior openings. Females carry their egg capsules for about one day, and then deposits the capsule in a secluded place. Each capsule has an average of 15 eggs, and the development from egg to mature adult takes about one year, although in some circumstances it has been observed to take about 2.5 years. The insects are nocturnal, avoid light, and neither sex can fly, although the male has well developed wings.

Identification: These are large roaches, with adults reaching about 1 inch in length. They are very dark brown to black, with the females having an oval shape. The wings of the males do not reach the end of the abdomen, and the wings on the females are reduced to short stubs at the back of the thorax. The nymphs of this species are very similar to nymphs of the American roach, but may be distinguished by their cerci. On the Oriental roach the cerci are short and somewhat widened, while on the American they are long and thin.

Characteristics Important in Control: Since this species often enters structures by walking in or entering through drains of various kinds, entry points must be dealt with the exclude the insects. Removal of vegetation and harborage sites around the exterior of the building will reduce the presence near the structure. Granular insect baits appear to be very attractive to the Oriental roach, and applications of residual insecticides around building perimeters, in drain openings, or in sewer and storm system openings will help to control them. Care must be taken when identifying droppings for rodents. On first look oriental cockroach droppings look similar to rodent droppings, so it's important to determine what type of pest is invading your basement

Medical and Economic Issues

Since cockroaches can contaminate food with their feces and transport pathogens, cockroach infestation may create medical issues such as allergic reaction and even bite sleeping humans. In some people it may cause psychological stress and stigma associated with cockroach infestation. If having roaches in your home is driving you nuts (as it should) call Bug Bust Pest and Termite Control for diligent approach to a cockroach infestation elimination. We offer a free evaluation of your pest problem and best customer service that follows treatment. Some areas of New Jersey have higher incidence of infestation due to high density population, old housing infrastructure. We offer extended services in Jersey City NJ, Newark NJ, Trenton NJ, Asbury Park, NJ, Elizabeth NJ and other areas with special pest needs
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