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rodent control in Jersey CityHantavirus has become a major treat to humans with spread of rodents in the US. One of the major carriers is the Deer Mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus). This rodent looks deceptively cute and does not look threatening at all. It has large ears and eyes with a body size of approximately 2-3 inches and a tail another 2-3 inches. With white belly, rest of the body color range from reddish brown to grey, based on age of the rodent. This mouse prefers wooded areas, but will try to enter a dwelling in October - November to stay warm. Given the ability of this mouse to slither through a very small opening (hole size of the dime) it is very difficult to completely proof a house or a building completely against a rodent invasion and infestation. Appropriate steps must be taken to control rodent population outside of perimeter of the house during warm summer and fall month to prevent mice and any other rodent from migrating into human habitat.

Hantavirus causes hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome! HFRS is a group of clinical illnesses caused by a variety of hantaviruses (Bunyavirdae family) and includes epidemic hemorrhagic fever, and nephropathis epidemica. Those viruses found throughout the world, but in the US hantavirus causes desease known as hantavirus pulmonary syndrom.

How hantavirus spreads to humans?

mice infestation in Jersey CityPeople usually become infected with these viruses be being exposed to rodent urine and droppings, but also saliva and nest's dust. Extreme precautions must be taken when cleaning and removing mouse droppings and nests. Transmission of hantavirus may occur through a broken skin or mucus membrane of the mouth, eyes or nose. Rare cases of rodent bites also can transmit hantavirus. There is a slight chance of human to human transmission, but it is extremely rare. Other known carriers of hantavirus is a Norway or brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) and stripped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius).

How to recognize a HFRS symptoms

After a previously discussed exposure to hantavirus symptoms will occur usually within  1-2 weeks after exposure, but in some rare cases disease may take up to 8 weeks to fully develop. Initially symptoms will include severe headaches, fever, abdominal and back pain, nausea, chills, inflammation of the eyes. Progressive symptoms may include acute shock, low blood pressure, and acute kidney failure. Recovery from illness is prolonged and may take weeks. Depending on a type of hantavirus death rate ranges between 1% to 15% of patients.

How to prevent HFRS?

Primary prevention technique is proper rodent control. Rodents (mice and rats)should be removed from human habitat (home) and proper cleaning procedures should be utilized. When cleaning after rodents it is highly recommended to wear respirator, proper rubber gloves, protective goggles. Vacuuming of rodent droppings should be avoided unless it's done with hepa filtered vacuum cleaner. Bug Bust Pest Control offers complete range of rodent services including proper removal of rodent waste

Bug Bust  Pest and Termite Control provides pest and termite related service for Jersey City. We offer  same day quality service for commercial, residential and industrial customers through out Jersey City, NJ. Is Jersey City different from other places? Yes and no at the same time. Jersey City positioned in a close proximity to New York City. This fact makes Jersey City a perfect place to a transient resident, who comes to work in New York Metro Area, but not necessarily wants to place roots and settle here. People come and go frequently, and travel back and forth to their native countries. As people travel there is higher risk of bringing unwanted pests from place to place. Very old housing infrastructure also plays a major role in pest related issues. Treating a 150 year old building for rodents, bed bugs, roaches is a difficult task. Treatment is often performed piece by piece, making complete pest removal a very difficult task indeed. It requires extensive knowledge of old buildings, pest behavior, customer understanding plus a host of other issues. But give us a challenge - and challenge we'll take. Regardless what type of pest you may have, roaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas or rodents Bug Bust Pest control will eliminate them quickly, humanely and for a reasonable price. In Jersey City call us for a comprehensive Free Evaluation and Estimate for your pest problem


We use safe methods of implementing effective techniques and humane pesticides to make pest elimination process safe for your family and pets. Our work is fully guaranteed - in writing

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bed bug bites in jersey cityBed bugs are becoming  more of serious problem in Jersey City, due to the fact that we live in high density population area with high level of travel. New Jersey has the highest population density in the United States. There are no more "safe" areas, due to resistance of this parasite and it's ability to hitch a ride in clothing or a luggage. Bed bugs proliferation increased over 500% in just a last few years and now is a lot more than just a nuisance problem. People react differently to a bed bug bites, some developing an itchy rash and severe allergic reaction and others may not have any symptoms at all. But regardless of individual reaction to a bed bug bite, having bed bugs in one's house is nasty reality. If you suspect a possible bed bug presence you should call Bug Bust Pest Control as soon as possible. Treating them with household pesticides can make matter worst by simply dispersing them to other areas and making bed bugs resistant to pesticides. Avoid moving infected furniture and mattress to prevent spreading throughout apartment and entire building. Only treatment performed by licensed pest control specialist can successfully remove this highly resistant pest . For more information on how to check for bed bugs visit our blog or bed bug page Contact Bug Bust Pest Control for a free bed bug inspection

Nothing is more repugnant than mice or rat infestation in any establishment, let alone a food service establishment. See this Video and how it can impact food business establishment. Rodent problems are more prevalent in the condensed Jersey City environment causing rats and mice to run rampant due to the fact that Jersey City infrastructure is very old and housing density is high.  So what do you do if you just found a mice droppings and you are terrified! Well first you take a deep breath and than you call professional pest exterminator.

Mice and rats are nocturnal animals and will come out mostly at night. Rodents will have a tendency to gnaw through just about anything to get to a food source, which is also varied widely. Rodent will climb just about anywhere, but as it true with all pest, will go for an easily available food sources. Simply, killing will not eliminate rats and mice if point of entry and other conducive factors are not eliminated. Pest control professional can track movements of the pest to find and try close the points of entry. But given the reality of older housing stock in Jersey City it is not always possible to close of all the entry points, and combination rodent removal techniques must be implemented.  If you live in the following cities or towns call us for special rates and solutions: Jersey City, Secaucus, Hoboken, East Newark, Bayonne, West New York, North Burgen, Kearny, Harrison, Union City - we can help. At Bug Bust pest control we will solve your pest problem or your money back. It's our guarantee. Let Bug Bust be your pest solution company. Click here for a free rodent inspection

cockroach exterminator in Jersey CityCockroach is probably one of the most misunderstood insects. They have been around a lot longer than we have, so they learned how to adapt to most situations. German cockroaches (main variety of cockroach specie and the most common in the human habitat) also known as simply roaches are very adaptable, especially if the environment is moist and humid. It is one of the reasons roaches will mostly inhibit kitchens and bathrooms and you will find them under cabinets. It is very important  not to have any dripping water. Water is something roaches cannot live without, so eliminating faucet drips and leaking pipes will go a long way in roach control. Next is a kitchen hygiene, also is very important in cockroach elimination. Cockroaches will eat anything organic, but they will prefer garbage and food scraps, so do not leave any desirable cockroach food around. In a dense urban environment like Jersey City, with large number of old buildings roach population is thriving and is much more difficult to control. Cockroaches are not known to carry disease, but can transfer bacteria such as salmonella, listeria or e-coli as they crawl from place to place. Usually roaches active only at night, so if you happened to see them during a day it's a sure sign of roach infestation. Once infestation occurs, most likely premises will need to be treated by a professional cockroach pest exterminator. For a free cockroach infestation evaluation and estimate call Bug Bust Pest and Termite Control (732)930-1217 or send us your info. and service representative will be happy to assist with any question you may have


We offer our customers the most comprehensive pest service available. No longer our customers have to wonder whether a all possible ants are covered. Our all inclusive pest monitoring covers over 50 different pests (insects and rodents), so you don't have to worry. Complete monitoring include following services:

    • Termite Bait and monitoring stations
    • Exterior rodent stations
    • Interior mice monitoring and control station
    • Roach control application that is hidden and discreet
      (kills roaches out of sight)
    • Ants monitoring and control
    • Cob web removal

Our termite monitoring and removal has the smallest environmental footprint available. It effectively kills termite without undue pollution of outside environment. We monitor all our station from outside, so no special appointment needed, All inside applications monitored on bi-monthly schedule with flexible hours and weekend appointments available. We offer convenient easy payment program that offers our customer complete pest control and monitoring for a fraction of the cost that our competition charges. Visit our termite page for more information on how to deal with termite infestation and different way to control them. Our program will monitor and control the following pests:

    • Carpenter Ant
    • German cockroach
    • American Cockroach

    • Subterranean Termites
    • Sugar black ants
    • Odorous House Ant
    • Pharaoh Ant

    • Brown Banded Cockroach
    • Indian Meal Moths
    • Citronella Ant
    • Carpenter Bee
    • Harvester Ant
    • Cigarette Beetle
    • Acrobat Ant
    And all of the related species

We guarantee in writing to provide best results and customer service available anywhere. Period



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