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As pest relates issues go, it is always a good idea to seek help from a local exterminator who is familiar with pest related conditions in Marlboro. As a local pest control company we understand specific pest control problems and have worked in Marlboro and Manalapan for a number of years to build a great reputation you can trust. Our licensed exterminators go through vigorous training  to make sure that expected results are not an option. Licensed and insured for a piece of mind our customers deserve. We are ready to tackle any pest control problem that comes our way.

Ant Control and Extermination in Your Marlboro Home

Very often, ants are simply viewed as an inconvenience by many homeowners in Marlboro rather than the real threat they pose to the property. If nest is not eliminated immediately, ants will reproduce and create infestation very quickly. By the time homeowner realizes that  there is an ant problem, ants thoroughly imbed themselves into a dwelling. For example, little black ants are very persistent as they establish a foothold in your house, and can create multiple nests, independent of outdoors. Most homeowners  will use repellent insect spray, available over the counter at your local home improvement store, but all it does is simply repel ant from one area to another and in a couple of days they're back. Carpenter ants are very aggressive wood destroying insects. If carpenter ants find they way into a wooden framed structure they will immediately begin building tunnels and can cause significant structural damage.  If you think you have an ant problem, contact a Marlboro pest control company immediately. As local exterminators we have the required experience to eliminate ants quickly and effectively. You don't have to live with ants anymore. Call Bug Bust Pest Control for a certified extermination in Marlboro.

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