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First time customers only. Take off $20 any pest control and removal treatment including bedbugs. Must present this coupon at the time of service. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or a special.


We offer our customers the most comprehensive pest service available. No longer our customers have to wonder whether a all possible ants are covered. Our all inclusive pest monitoring covers over 50 different pests (insects and rodents), so you don't have to worry. Complete monitoring include following services:

    • Termite Bait and monitoring stations
    • Exterior rodent stations
    • Interior mice monitoring and control station
    • Roach control application that is hidden and discreet
      (kills roaches out of sight)
    • Ants monitoring and control
    • Cob web removal

Our termite monitoring and removal has the smallest environmental footprint available. It effectively kills termite without undue pollution of outside environment. We monitor all our station from outside, so no special appointment needed, All inside applications monitored on bi-monthly schedule with flexible hours and weekend appointments available. We offer convenient easy payment program that offers our customer complete pest control and monitoring for a fraction of the cost that our competition charges. Our program will monitor and control the following pests:

    • Carpenter Ant
    • German cockroach
    • American Cockroach
    • Subterranean Termites
    • Sugar black ants
    • Odorous House Ant
    • Pharaoh Ant
    • Brown Banded Cockroach
    • Indian Meal Moths
    • Citronella Ant
    • Carpenter Bee
    • Harvester Ant
    • Cigarette Beetle
    • Acrobat Ant
    And all of the related species

We guarantee in writing to provide best results and customer service available anywhere. Period

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Bald faced hornets are 3/4" long and black with ivory markings on their abdomens and faces. They build a grey spherical paper nest sometimes 12” or more in diameter. Hornet nests can get quite large, even though the nest is abandoned in fall when the colony dies and usually not reused. Fertile female hornets over-winter under tree bark or in other small cavities and start new nests in spring. They are not overly defensive and can have nests quite close to human activity without becoming a nuisance.    


The most common mud dauber wasp in New Jersey is the pipe organ mud dauber, It has a threaded waist. This wasp is solitary, black in color with some bluish overtones Mud Dauber builds mud nests in protected areas such as on walls, under eaves or in attics. Mud nests are shaped like a pipe. Mud daubers rarely sting people.


Yellow Jackets also known as, paper wasps, meat bees, hornets
There are many species of Yellow Jackets (Vespula wasp) in North America, including several species introduced from Europe. Two of these, Vespula germanica and Vespula vulgaris, are among the serious scavenger pests in this group.

Yellowjackets are social wasps, with a Queen that initiated the colony and female workers that build the nest, care for the young, forage for food, and defend the colony. Colonies typically begin each spring and die off each fall in cooler climates, but may survive over the winter in warmer climates. The population of the colony easily grows to many thousands of workers by the end of the summer, at which time males are produced, mating with new queens takes place, and these fertilized queens then over-winter in protected locations. Adults feed on sweet liquids such as honeydew, nectar, fruit juices, or human foods such as sodas. They also relish a sugary material exuded by the larvae. The larvae are fed meat, and natural sources are insect larvae or bits of flesh from dead animals. As scavengers the workers also gather human foods at outdoor eating areas. The workers are all able to sting repeatedly, and very aggressively defend their colony from perceived intruders. Nests are placed either in aerial locations, including trees, shrubs, wall voids, or attics, as well as in the ground, where workers enlarge holes they find to accommodate the growing colony. The nest is created from cellulose gathered from tree bark, dried plant materials, or other sources, mixed with saliva, and formed as the hexagonal cells for the larvae.
Yellowjackets are very similar to the other social paper wasps called Umbrella Wasps, but differ by having no narrow waist between their thorax and abdomen. Colors are yellow and black, and specific identification of each species is done with differences in the patterns of the black patches around the eyes and head as well as on the abdomen. Yellowjackets, as wasps, have 2 pairs of wings that are dissimilar in size and shape. This separates them from many species of flies that mimic wasps, where there is only 1 pair of wings.
Human interaction:
Yellow wasp is an inconvenience pest, that at times may become dangerous. As they prefer to establishe their nest in proximity to human habitat due to abundance of food sources. A large nest consisting of thusands of yellow jackets may attack humans if they percive a threat to their nest. As discussed before, yellow jacket will sting repetetly unlike bees, that can only sting once. Some call it it wasp bite ir yellow jacket bite, but sting is not a bite. It is similar to a needleinjecting toxin into a fles. Once attacked, sting happens very fast and if more than one specimen involved in the attack, it is recommened to seek medical assistance. Jellow jacket sting can be very painfull, and in some people who are allergic to their sting may be be fatal. If nest is established in the vicinity to a human habitat, it's enevitable that there will be interaction between humans and yellow jackets. At this point to eliminate this threat, nest must be removed. Unless experienced in handling wasp and yellow jacket pests, this procedure is better handled by professinal pest control technician. A removal remedy should include a repellent treatment, once nest is removed, to prevent yellow jacket reinfestation. 


Approaching warm weather brings increased wasp and yellowjacket population in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Union, Mercer and Hudson Counties. All those insects that were able to overwinter will begin to build nests and rapidly multiply. Monmouth county experienced warmer than usual winter weather in the last couple of years, which in turn increases a possibility for wasp and yellowjacket infestation. Proper removal of the nest should eliminate potential risk of wasp and human interaction. For more information please feel free to call us. We will provide you with courteous service, valuable information on wasp nest removal and general pest control, free evaluation of your property and best of all - superior customer service.

Bug Bust  Pest and Termite Control provides pest and termite related service for Manalapan Township. We offer  same day quality service for commercial, residential and industrial customers through out Monmouth County, NJ. Regardless what type of pest you may have, roaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas or rodents Bug Bust Pest control will eliminate them quickly and humanely and for a reasonable price. Call Bug Bust Pest Control for a comprehensive free evaluation of your property and a pest related issues.

Bug Bust  Pest and Termite Control provides all pest, rodent and termite related service for Marlboro NJ. We offer  same day quality service for commercial, residential and industrial customers through out Monmouth County, NJ. Regardless what type of pest you may have, roaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas or rodents - Bug Bust Pest control will eliminate them quickly and humanely and for a reasonable price. Call us for a comprehensive free evaluation of your property and a pest related issues.


We use safe methods of implementing effective techniques and humane pesticides to make pest elimination process safe for your family and pets. Our work is fully guaranteed - in writing


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Your home is the most valuable possession and it needs to be protected as such. Untreated termite problem may run into tens of thousands of dollars and make your home less desirable for someone willing to purchase it. North East is particularly susceptible to termite infestation so there is no reason not to have a FREE EVALUATION of a potential problem. Our technicians receive continuous training that's more stringent than what's required by the state agencies. We assess your building structure, locate damage if any and create a detailed inspection report following your free consultation. You will receive a warranty termite control for our treatment program and we guarantee that if termites return during a warranty we will retreat your house at no additional charge. Most insurance companies would not cover termite damage, so it's important to catch and re-mediate  this problem before it becomes a bigger issue than it needs to be.  A professional termite inspection and report could save you thousands of dollars. Contact Bug Bust Pest Control for a free evaluation and your termite pest solution


As name describes, they live under ground and need water, food, warmth and WOOD to survive. Your house is their shelter and their kitchen. Care must be taken to minimize the risk of infestation. We will help homeowner to create conditions to keep those pesky termites away. Click here for a free estimate  


Dry wood termites are of the family Kalotermitidae and live primarily in warmer areas that do not experience very cold temperatures, but with changing climate, and importation of wood products from all over the world, infestation may occur, even though these termites are less common than subterranean termites, which are the more familiar type of termite seen in most places through out the United States. Dry wood termite colonies can cause devastating damage to the structural integrity of walls, roofs and furniture and, if not eradicated can significantly bring down the value of the house. Call us for a FREE EVALUATION (732) 930-1217


Nothing is more repugnant than mice or rat infestation in any establishment, let alone a food service establishment. See this Video and how it can impact food business establishment. Rodent problems are more prevalent in the condensed city environment.rats and mice So what do you do if you just found a mice droppings and you are terrified! Well first you take a deep breath and than you call professional pest exterminator. Mice and rats are nocturnal animals and will come out mostly at night. Rodents will have a tendency to gnaw through just about anything to get to a food source, which is also varied widely. Rodent will climb just about anywhere, but as it true with all pest, will go for an easily available food sources. Simply, killing will not eliminate rats and mice if point of entry is not eliminated. Pest control professional can track movements of the pest to find and close the point of entry. If you live in the following cities or towns call us for special rates and solutions: Freehold, Asbury Park, Matawan, Englishtown, Keyport, Red Bank, Hazlet, we can help. At Bug Bust pest control we will solve your pest problem or your money back. It's our guarantee. Let Bug Bust be your pest solution company. Click here for a free inspection

Cockroach is probably one of the most misunderstood insects. They have been around a lot longer than we have, so they learned how to adapt to most situations. Cockroaches also known as simply roaches are very adaptable, especially if the environment is moist and humid. It is one of the reasons roaches will mostly inhibit kitchens and bathrooms and you will find them under cabinets. It is very important  not to have any dripping water. Water is something roaches cannot live without, so eliminating faucet drips and leaking pipes will go a long way in roach control. Next is a kitchen hygiene, also is very important in cockroach elimination. Cockroaches will eat anything organic, but they will prefer garbage and food scraps, so do not leave any desirable cockroach food around. Cockroaches are not known to carry disease, but can transfer bacteria such as salmonella, listeria or e coli as they crawl from place to place. Usually roaches active only at night, so if you happened to see them during a day it's a sure sign of roach infestation. Once infestation occurs, most likely premises will need to be treated by a professional pest exterminator. For a free cockroach infestation evaluation call (732)930-1217 or send us your info. and service representative will be happy to assist with any question you may have


We have been servicing restaurant industry for over 25 years and have a vast experience how to make your establishment clean and pest free. We offer custom kitchen management services, that will keep health department inspectors happy. Visit our Food Industry page for more information. We understand how challenging it is to maintain a multiple family buildings pest free and that's why it's so important to have a pest control company that geared to service those properties correctly. For multiple dwelling apartment buildings we offer complete services that include tenant education, monitoring of apartment conditions, advise on repair and maintenance to reduce use of pesticides and still have a effective pest control. Visit our For Landlords page for more information.

Do you know what is your Marlboro home is worth? Well it would depreciate a lot if you let carpenter ant run wild and out of control
Carpenter Ant is a pest that if left unchecked quickly can become a destructive force. A single colony can grow to up 3000 carpenter ants and create a havoc on any property made of wood  Carpenter ants do not actually eat wood, but continuously tunnel though while building and expanding their nests. If left unchecked, they can destroy or seriously  damage building's wooden beams and other structural wood. If you see a single ant - there is a whole colony near by. If you see a saw dust (and it wasn't you who left a mess) you might have a problem. Spraying most likely will not do much help, since what you see is a small fraction of the ant colony (rest are inside structural beams building their own home, mortgage free), and most pesticide sprays also act as a repellent and ants will avoid those areas, by simply moving a few feet. Call Bug Bust Pest Control for quick, safe and efficient elimination of entire ant colony

A lot of people today are concerned when there is a need for pesticide application and we certainly share those concerns as well, but there are times when pesticides are part of necessary procedures to solve a pest problem. In the last decade chemical companies developed much safer, narrow spectrum pesticides then ever before, and while no pesticide is 100% safe, with proper care of pesticide application we are confident that we can solve a pest problem issue without damaging the environment. NJ pest control is somewhat different from other states. We are the most densely populated state in the country, and this creates unique problems which in turn require knowledgeable and creative solutions. But regardless of where we live, key issue is always top safety for our customers and reduced environmental footprint. We strive to be part of the sensitive pest solution in the communities we live in    


Bed bugs are becoming  more of serious problem in Monmouth County, due to the fact that we live in high density population area with high level of travel. There are no more safe areas due to resistance of this parasite and it's ability to hitch a ride in clothing or a luggage. Bed bugs proliferation increased over 500% in just a last few years and now is a lot more than just a nuisance problem. People react differently to a bed bug bites, some developing an itchy rash and severe allergic reaction and others may not have any symptoms at all. If you suspect a possible bed bug presence you should call Bug Bust Pest Control as soon as possible. Treating them with household pesticides can make matter worst by simply dispersing them to other areas. Also avoid moving infected furniture and mattress to avoid spreading. Only professional treatment can remove this pest . For more information on how to check for bed bugs visit our blog or bed bug page. contact Bug Bust Pest Control for a free bed bug inspection


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