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Bug Bust is family owned and operated pest management company. Whether you manage a local restaurant or a chain of quick service outlets, insect, rodent, and fly control is an absolute requirement for a successful operation (but you already know that). So why would you want to switch from your current service provider? Well some of the reasons we'll outline below. We understand that anyone can promise the world and some can deliver, but in most cases pest management companies have you sign an annual contract. Have you ever wondered why. What is your local (or national for that matter) pest control company provide, that warrants a contract. Usually there is no upfront investment of expensive equipment, so why contract? We thought about this long and hard, but the answer is very simple. Let's look at it in reverse - If we, your pest control service company perform our job flawlessly and at a right price, will you drop this service? Probably not. Well our service is our contract. If we don't perform - out we go. Fair enough? Here is more! As a family we owned restaurants in the past, licensed in kitchen management and know about commercial kitchen first hand. We've dealt with Health Department before (NYC Health Department) and we know all the pitfalls. One of the restaurants we owned in Brooklyn, NY was a Pizzeria located next to subway station. You can imagine mice and rats running in circles - you could not hide dropping no matter what and HD inspector would find them every time. Well that our entry into a pest control business and the rest is history. We deliver our customers a promise of a pest free restaurant, without a financial burden. You may also ask, how can you deliver those rates? We do not employ a sale force - this alone cuts about 30% off the top. When a salesman or a woman pay you a visit, not only you are expected to pay part of his salary, but also a company vehicle, insurance, gas, etc, ...well you know. Our back office is 90% digital, including service scheduling, allowing us to run a very efficient operation. However we do emphasize on technician training - to provide our customers with unparallelled expertise and out-of -the-box solutions. If pest control is an issue you are currently concerned about - call us. We love to talk to customers and will never use any type of "hard sell" tactics. Feel free to browse other pages, you just may find an answer you are looking for 
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Integrated pest control and management is a continuous  maintenance task. Certain things a restaurant owner can do by him/herself, then there are issues that are better handled by a professional pest control company. You can contact a  licensed pest control company like Bug Bust Integrated Pest Control   to provide this service for you. In some states it is required by the Health Department to use a professional service.A food service establishment must be free of all pests, flies, roaches, ants, mice, and rats. Rodents and insects walk and feed on all kinds of filth, pick up germs on their feet and bodies, and then deposit the germs on any food and utensil they touch. Rodent's urine and feces can cause a serious health related issues and in some cases may force a restaurant closure, not to mention a bad publicity. A restaurant or a grocery store receives and processes food products and supplies regularly (supplies are conduit for pest insects into your restaurant), so avoiding pest damage must be your highest priority. We will develop and help you implement a complete health management solution for kitchen and storage area


One thing is for sure no pest will will want to make it's home in a place that is not hospitable to it's existence. Simply put almost all pest will need water or moisture and food, it's a given. Question is always raised by the restaurant owner when we service an establishment with serous pest issue "How can this be done"" or better yet " No way this can be done". It is a legitimate question, given the fact that large number of boxed product brought in weekly, which has a potential to introduce pest into even a cleanest and best run restaurant. Our initial examination of the premises depending on the type of facility will take up to 2 hours. We will find deficiencies that are conducive to pest infestation and we will eliminate them. Our kitchen specialist will observe your kitchen staff in action and will create a thorough report of all potential issues in kitchen work  operations. Once restaurant is properly sealed, unnecessary moisture and food sources are eliminated, proper procedures put in place then we can work on safely eliminating pests. Any pests introduced into a restaurant afterwards will not have an environment conducive to it's proliferation. Most pesticide we will use will be in the form of bait stations, which much safer to use in a restaurant, than sprays. Key to successful restaurant pest control is proper placement of bait stations. What is lethal to a rodent, may just be a tasty food to an American cockroach and if bait station is in the wrong place it will not have any positive effect on pest infestation in a restaurant. We offer free initial diagnostic of the problem and proactive solutions to get job done.
Here are some features of our Bug Bust pest management services for restaurants, kitchens and foodservice providers are

  • A Dedicated Customer Service Representative and Technician for your retail location.

  • Real time service and inspection reports that allow you to accurately track pest activity and management at your location

  • Diligent record keeping of any pest activity on-site and any pest management actions taken.

  • Fast response times from highly trained Bug Bust IPM Technicians.

  • Commercial brand protection through discrete services as necessary.

  • Quality Assurance through regular service audits.

  • A proactive approach that alleviates on-site conditions conducive to pest activity and limits the risks associated with traditional exterminator practices

  • Help with local Health Department related issues
Our pest control solutions provide restaurants and kitchens with a partnership they can rely on for all of their pest and facility maintenance needs including: rodent exclusion, bio-hazard removal, sanitation and facility deficiency reports, training and education on pest management for staff, structural repairs, and a wide range of pest control service options.

Effective pest control starts with your staff – Sanitation.  Sanitizing these areas before closing each night majorly reduces potential infestations:  kitchens, trash bins or trash cans, all equipment, floors, and especially under counters.   This sanitation reduces resources for ROACHES, RODENTS, AND FLIES.

  • Inspection is Key

We do a careful monthly inspection to monitor: kitchens, trash areas, bars, exteriors,wall voids, equipment,  floor drains, electrical boxes, cracks & crevices, and dining areas,  to identify pest and hiding areas for roaches, rodents, and flies. We also identify places conducive to cockroach proliferation, such as high moisture spots, and help re-mediate a problem

  • Treatment

Pest Control applications differ each month depending on results of your monthly inspection / monitoring.  Treatments focus on any current pest evidence. German Roach Control is a main focus in our all restaurant exterminating services. These treatments are done in cracks, crevices, and voids between walls.

  • German Roaches

Roaches can be a bit elusive, because they are much more active at night.  Cockroaches could easily be missed by a casual inspection because they often only come out after dark.  German Roaches enter restaurants on shipped goods or packaging materials.  Because restaurants have regular shipments coming in, German Roaches are a constant threat.

  • Prevent Roach Infestations

Ongoing MONTHLY SERVICE is key to prevent roach infestations in restaurants or commercial kitchens!  Because German Roaches are constantly being shipped in, and roaches reproduce so quickly,  infestations can just explode like a bomb!  An adult female will live between 20 to 30 weeks. They produce up to 8  egg capsules in a life time, each containing between 30 to 48 eggs.  Eggs hatches in about 28 days.

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